Fishing Alone

Here is my attempt at writing a Kay Ryan-esque poem. I am following the challenge here:

Fishing Alone

And while I ache
to have a trade
it would be
a mistake for me
to go fishing
The way that
mother penguins trust
their lovers
to care for their young
while they themselves
run to the water
to search for
the fish to bring home.
The modern day feminist
would agree with
this possibility
of one-up-ness
for all women.
But I refrain.
I couldn’t stand the pain
of knowing my chick
missed her mother.
And while I want
my lover
to know my child,
I hold full responsibility
in fulfilling the need
that a child has of
needing me.

There were also a couple of quotes from her interview that I loved:

“But of course, poetry has its balms. It makes us less lonely by one. It makes us have more room inside ourselves. But it’s paralyzing to think of usefulness and poetry in the same breath.”

“I think extravagance in your life takes the energy from possible extravagances in your mind.”